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Salmon Fillet Knife

Salmon Fillet Knife

Model FK-02
A great fillet knife, The Salmon Fillet Knife is more than sufficient for all offshore deep sea fish.  It has a fitted style handle for a better grip with slippery hands. The Salmon Fillet Knife has a stiffer blade for cutttintig through the tougher skinned marine fish. Thin, curved blades cut better than straight blades. This is a 6 1/2 inch fillet knife with a form fitted wood handle. The handle is tapered from the butt to the blade for a comfortable non-slip grip. The wood has been sealed and waxed with a clear water proof finish. It is an11 1/2 inch overall upswept fillet knife with a strongl stiff 1/16 in. thick, 440C stainless steel blade. Currently I have knives with Brazilian Cherry and Black Walnut handles. Other woods are available on request. The knife comes with a premium 8-9 oz weight leather sheath.

    PriceFrom $121.00
    Sales Tax Included
    SELECT: Handle Wood
    Should be ready to ship in 2 - 4 weeeks
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