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Knives, By George Welcomes You

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About Us

Why Buy a Knife from Knives, By George?

Handcrafted here in North Carolina, USA.

Hi, I am a metallurgist by profession and retired to pursue the art of knife making full time. My passion is to create simple knives that are a joy to use and well enough crafted to pass on to your children.

Made from premium steels suited for the task.

I understand the manufacture of steels and appreciate the advances in alloying stain resistant, hard, tough, tool steels. Stainless tool steels have both rust resistance and edge retention.

Tempered for optimal edge retention.

The crux, the essence, of the knife makers art is in the heat treating of the blade. Hardening and then tempering the steel to an optimum balance between edge retention and flexibility is the very defining characteristic of a good blade. My blades are typically tempered to 60 HRC which is hard enough to hold an edge well, yet soft enough to sharpen with an Arkansas Stone.

Thin knives cut better than thick knives.

Better quality control in the manufacturing of specialty steels allows me to use thinner stock for the blades without fear of defects or cracking. Thin blades cut with little effort due to less resistance to the blade “plowing” through the food.

Curved Knives cut better than straight knives.

Curved cutting edge allows for easer slicing and more consistent cuts. Chef’s knives cut best by rocking on the cutting board for slicing and dicing.

My knives give you a comfortable feel in your hand.

A good knife should function wellthat is it should cut with a minimum effort. It should be balanced such that it feels natural and easy to use as pointing your finger. Add to that the fit and finish of fine craftmanship and you have a tool that’s visually pleasing and fun to use.

My handles are made with natural hard woods that are tapered from the butt to the blade; so that when your hand is wet or greasy, the knife is seated in your grip not squirted out.

Most chefs use a pinch grip - with the blade held between their thumb and forefinger for better point control. I sloped the top of the handle and rounded the spine of the blade to make this grip feel natural and comfortable.


From the Source

Custom made to fit your hand nice looking knife

The knife I bought is the gentlemen's everyday carry. The blade holds an edge and is very tough. The materials are great.

George truly enjoys and studies the art of knife making. We enjoy the beautiful skinning and fillet knives he hand-crafted and expertly sharpened. His knowledge of metallurgy makes for a fun conversation about the knives he crafts.

First, the knives are beautiful but what impressed me the most was George's knowledge of metallurgy. You are getting a Knife from an engineer and artist.

I have Model CPH 14 Clip Point Hunter.

I really can't believe he could produce a work of art that actually works, looks great and has a sheath worth it's home!

I know George and he stands behind everything he makes and does.

I highly recommend his knives and accessories.

I have a kitchen knife made by George and I use it to trim meat. It has maintained its edge. The craftsmanship is excellent and it is comfortable to use.

If you want beautifully hand crafted knives, please visit Mr. George. He has a huge selection of any knives you may need, from the kitchen to fishing/hunting! And if he doesn't have it, he will make it! I ordered a chef and paring knife. He gave me many types of woods to choose from, y'all the apple tree wood was so gorgeous!!! They are so beautiful and wow are they sharp! I will never need to buy a replacement... but I do intend to buy more. No more sawing through food with dull knives! Thanks Mr. George!

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift, may I recommend a knife? At the Harbor District Market, my booth neighbor is Knives, By George. An incredible artisan who creates these beautiful and sharp works of art. I purchased this knife approximately a month ago and it has become the only knife I use in the kitchen. Yes, I know there are different knives for different tasks but it’s the only one I have (for now) so I use it daily. It has yet to be sharpened and still slices with ease through fruit, meat, and anything else I put it up against. If you walk past me while I’m cutting up food, I will make you stop and watch while stating, “it’s like butter” as I slice with ease . Please come by the Harbor District Market to meet Mr. George and to shop his beautiful collection of locally forged knives. He has a website if you’re unable to make it to the market. And as he says, “I’ve got fillet knives for the boat, skinning knives for the field, and cutlery for the kitchen. Fish, fur, or fowl…..” His work is phenomenal! You won’t be disappointed.

Contact Us

Questions, comments or special requests? Get in touch today, we’re happy to help.

140 W Main, Washington, N.C. 27889


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